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From the Collection– Preparations for the Wedding Banquet of Cupid and Psyche by Diana Mantuana

The current exhibition in the European works on paper rotation space (on view until July 30) is Alluring Artifice: Mannerism in the Sixteenth Century. The show features 30 prints that explore Mannerism, a movement that emerged in European art around … Continue reading

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Mythology at the Milwaukee Art Museum–Part 1

It’s hard to study art and not learn something about classical mythology.  The gods and heroes of ancient Greece and Rome are not only prevalent in ancient art (as in the Museum’s two Greek Hydria), but in later periods such … Continue reading

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From the Collection–Nautilus Cup

At first glance, the Museum’s stunning Nautilus Cup looks like an impractical way to drink.  Tankards and beakers, which are also on display in the Museum’s Gallery #2, make sensible drinking vessels. In comparison the nautilus cup, a chambered nautilus … Continue reading

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From the Collection–Virgin and Child

Sometimes with the rush of the holiday season, it is nice to take a deep breath and spend some time on your own. In that spirit, I’d like to consider a small-scale stone relief Virgin and Child, ca. 1550.  You’ll … Continue reading

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From the Collection — Sofonisba Anguissola’s “The Artist’s Sister”

The work of an art historian or curator can sometimes be like that of a master investigator or CIA agent. For example, a trail of clues led to the probable identification of the woman in this painting by Sofonisba Anguissola. … Continue reading

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