Art Education Studio at Home

Kohl’s Art Generation Studio at Home: Art in Motion

Make moving art inspired by the kinetic sculpture of Harry Bertoia.

Harry Bertoia (American, b. Italy, 1915–1978), Untitled, 1970. Stainless steel, 66 × 48 in.(67.64 × 121.92 cm). Purchase, with funds given in memory of Maurice W. Berger, President of the Board of Trustees, 1964-1968. M1970.88 © Estate of Harry Bertoia / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
Harry Bertoia (American, b. Italy, 1915–1978), Dandelion, 1970. Gold-plated bronze and beryllium, 78 × 34 in. (198.12 × 86.36 cm). Gift of Mrs. Harry Lynde Bradley. M1975.131 Photo credit: P. Richard Eells © 2010 Estate of Harry Bertoia / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Bertoia’s work is often inspired by nature. Many people who visit the Milwaukee Art Museum say that these two sculptures remind them of fireworks: Dandelion when a firework first explodes in the sky and Untitled when the bright sparks leave a trail of light as they fall. See how to use paper, a rubber band, scissors, and tape to make your own moving sculptures to launch into the sky.

Kohl’s Studio at Home activities are designed to be enjoyed with the whole family, regardless of age. Families can work together to learn new techniques and materials, and to explore creativity. As with all new things, provide your child the support and supervision that they need for their developmental level, practicing safe use of tools and materials. You know your kids best!

Brett Henzig is the Youth & Family Programs Educator. He manages the Kohl’s Art Generation Studio, leads school tour workshops, and teaches Youth Studio Classes and Summer Art Camps. Outside the Museum, you’ll find Brett making art, rescuing injured wild animals, and spending time with his wife, dog, cat, and rabbit.

Art Behind the Scenes

The Man That Time Forgot: Duane Hanson’s “Janitor”

Time changes everyone—or almost everyone. Through the years, the Janitor has remained a constant in the galleries of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

A Museum visitor (Jeff) with Duane Hanson’s ‘Janitor’ in 1976, and again in 2010. Thanks for the photos, Jeff!
Art Education Studio at Home

Kohl’s Art Generation Studio at Home: Trip to the Market

Laurent Casimir (Haitian, 1928–1990), Crowded Market, 1972. Oil on Masonite, 36 × 48 in. (91.44 × 121.92 cm). Gift of Richard and Erna Flagg M1991.117 Photo by Larry Sanders

Markets are great places to discover new things to buy and eat. In his work Crowded Market, Laurent Casimir captured a very busy outdoor market in Haiti. The artist filled every inch of his painting with people who are buying and selling goods, helping us imagine what it felt like to be there. Can you spot some of the different things people are buying and selling in the painting?

Art Collection Reflection Curatorial

Collection Reflection: Curator Brandon Ruud on Severin Roesen

We invite you to join us as each curator focuses on a single work of art, exploring both that object and how the object speaks to the collection as a whole, as well as to the chosen theme in particular.

Art Education Studio at Home

Kohl’s Art Generation Studio at Home: Father Knows Best

Philomé Obin (Haitian, 1891–1986), Antoine Obin (Haitian, 1929–1990), Philomé, Sénéque and Antoine Obin seated in front of the Cap-Haitian branch of the Centre d’ Art, 1970. Gift of Richard and Erna Flagg, M1991.144. Photo by Efraim Lev-er.

Artist Philomé Obin and his son, Antoine, worked together to complete this painting. In the work, you can see Philomé on the left, Antoine on the right, and Philomé’s brother, Sénéque, who was also an artist, in the center. They are sitting in front of the Centre d’Art in their hometown of Cap-Haïtien. Philomé opened this school and gallery as a branch of the Centre d’Art in Port Au Prince, Haiti.