Art Behind the Scenes

We’re Keeping the Lights On for You (but only figuratively speaking)

As we wait to welcome you back to the Museum, work continues behind the scenes. In the conservation department, we prepare for many different disaster scenarios that might potentially strike our collection. Fire, flood, insect infestations, mold, and even terrorism are all covered in the Museum’s Emergency Preparedness Plan; COVID-19 and Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order are not. Having the Museum closed to the public for an extended period presented us with an entirely new set of challenges.

Art Collection Reflection Curatorial

Collection Reflection: Associate Curator Nikki Otten on Odilon Redon

We invite you to join us as each curator focuses on a single work of art, exploring both that object and how the object speaks to the collection as a whole, as well as to the chosen theme in particular.

Art Education Studio at Home

Kohl’s Art Generation Studio at Home: Scratch Art Story

Follow along to learn how to make a scratch art story inspired by the hydrias, or ancient Greek water jars, in the Museum’s collection.

Art Education Studio at Home

Kohl’s Art Generation Studio at Home: Make Your Own Flower Still Life

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Give your mom, grandma, or any other special person in your life a flower bouquet that will last forever. This week, we’re making paper flowers inspired by the gorgeous blooms you can find in artworks throughout the Museum’s galleries. This is one of my favorite floral still lifes:

Jan van Os (Dutch, 1744–1808), Flowers in Terra-cotta Vase, after 1780. Oil on panel, 35 1/8 × 27 5/8 in. (89.22 × 70.17 cm). Layton Art Collection Inc., Gift of Frederick Layton L111 Photo by John R. Glembin

Let’s get started! Here are instructions for making two different kinds of paper flowers.

Must have:

  • Paper—of any kind (printer paper, pages from magazines/catalogues, or origami paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue and/or tape


  • Markers, colored pencils, pens, or anything else you can use to decorate paper
  • Wire, pipe cleaners, chopsticks, or anything else that can be made into stems
  • Tissue paper to make leaves
Art Education

Museum Moments at Home

Look, talk, imagine, learn, and wonder—together! During a child’s earliest years, their brain makes one million neural connections every single second. Inspired by Vroom, these Museum Moments activities provide you with the tools you need to be a brain builder—while encouraging a love of art. We’ve modified the in-gallery activities for you and your little ones, ages 5 and under, to use at home.