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Being an Intern: It’s not only Makin’ Copies

In 2005, as a senior Art History major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I worked as an intern for the Museum’s Curatorial Department in Earlier European Art. Working under the expert intern-wrangling leadership of Catherine Sawinski, Assistant Curator of Earlier … Continue reading

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“Summer of CHINA” Primer–Scholar’s Rocks

What do you think of when I say rocks? Probably not much of consequence. Rocks scattered on the ground, surrounded by grass and dirt. Perhaps lining a path somewhere. Maybe caught in your shoe. Rocks are not a huge part … Continue reading

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How We’re Getting Ready for the Summer of CHINA

When one exhibition closes, another always opens. While I’m bummed that Frank (are we allowed to be on a first-name basis after my exhibition Express Talks and school tours?) is leaving the Museum after May 15, I am so excited … Continue reading

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