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The Man That Time Forgot: Duane Hanson’s “Janitor”

Time changes everyone—or almost everyone. Through the years, the Janitor has remained a constant in the galleries of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Art Behind the Scenes

We’re Keeping the Lights On for You (but only figuratively speaking)

Lifelike Janitor sculpture leaning against a wall and a black and white portrait drawing of a woman
The building is eerily quiet, but Duane Hanson’s “Janitor” keeps continual watch over the Museum.

As we wait to welcome you back to the Museum, work continues behind the scenes. In the conservation department, we prepare for many different disaster scenarios that might potentially strike our collection. Fire, flood, insect infestations, mold, and even terrorism are all covered in the Museum’s Emergency Preparedness Plan; COVID-19 and Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order are not. Having the Museum closed to the public for an extended period presented us with an entirely new set of challenges.