New Music will Accompany the “Wings” Oct 21–Nov 10

In early June, the Museum kicked off its annual giving campaign—with a new, exciting twist.

If you visit the Museum between October 21 and November 10, you’ll notice the rise of the Burke Brise Soleil (“wings”) is a bit more rocking. The daily architectural feat, rising at 10 a.m., noon, and right before the Museum closes, will be temporarily accompanied by the song “Elevation” by U2. 

We’re not just in a “rock music” kind of mood now that the wings are spruced up. In early June, the Museum kicked off its annual giving campaign—with a new, exciting twist. For every gift of $50 or more, donors received one entry into our “Program the Wings” drawing, and one lucky winner was selected to pick the music that would accompany the opening and closing of the “wings” for a short period of time.

So, who won? Drumroll, please….

Long-time Museum Member Ann Rozanski!

This local engineer has created many fond memories at the Museum since she joined in 2008—seeing the newest exhibitions, lingering in front of her favorite Collection work (Jules Bastien-Lepage’s The Wood Gatherer), and spending time with her mom at Art in Bloom. The “wings” have also long been a source of inspiration; Rozanski says they “let us all imagine being able to fly over Lake Michigan.” She chose “Elevation” to accompany their opening and closing because the U2 song is uplifting, and the lyrics reflect the upward movement: “In the sky…You make me feel like I can fly…So high.” 

While this was a creative fundraising initiative, it’s also a reminder of the impact our donors have on the Museum. Without their continued generosity, we would not be able to put forth outstanding exhibitions, offer premier educational programs, and maintain our Collection of over 30,000 works of art—not to mention the 217-foot architectural wingspan.

Thanks to all who continue to support our institution, whether it was through donations or through one of the countless other ways you can share of your time and resources.

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