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What is the Neighborhood Discount Program? Discounts (and high fives) for Milwaukee Art Museum Members

The NDP, as we at the Museum affectionately refer to it, is a network of businesses in the Milwaukee area that support the mission of the Milwaukee Art Museum by offering our card-carrying Members access to special perks.

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What is the Neighborhood Discount Program?

The NDP, as we at the Museum affectionately refer to it, is a network of businesses in the Milwaukee area that support the mission of the Milwaukee Art Museum by offering our card-carrying Members access to special perks. It’s like the businesses are saying, “Hey, thanks for supporting culture in Milwaukee. Cheers to that; here’s 20% off your coffee.”

Which businesses participate in the Neighborhood Discount Program?

The kinds of businesses that participate range from cafes, to hotels, to fine furniture purveyors, to wine shops and bars, to wellness studios, and more. The roster of businesses changes from year to year and can be found here.

What can you do with your discounts?

Well, it depends what you’re into. If you love doing yoga, then you’ll want to check out Yama Yoga Studio, the Museum’s neighboring Yoga Studio in the Third Ward. If sunny patio-sitting and great Mexican-inspired food is more your style, then you might like to head to a BelAir Cantina and take advantage of the great discount offered at all their locations. Or, maybe you want to make sure your fridge is stocked with wine for an upcoming gathering at your house. Head to a Thief Wine store, and enjoy a 10% discount on wine. Maybe you don’t live downtown, but you’re thinking it would be fun to plan a getaway to downtown Milwaukee to check out the next feature exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and catch a play or concert in the evening.  You’ll definitely want to lock in the special suite rate available to Museum Members at Hotel Metro. Or, perhaps your home could stand to take some inspiration from the Museum’s “chair wall” in our Design galleries? In that case you’ll want to check out the awesome assemblage of genuine Midcentury Modern furniture Brew City Salvage.

Whatever you’re into, it’s super easy to take advantage of deals and specials all over the city, and beyond.

How long are the discounts active?

Most businesses renew with us annually each August. Some businesses are sponsors and arrange for special short term offerings—like Madewell’s store at Mayfair. They just opened this summer and are offering our Members 20% off! But don’t delay. The offer only lasts through next summer. You will probably want to buy that cute pair of mules (or jeans, or dress, or pair of earrings…) sooner, rather than later!

How often can I use my NDP discounts?

As often as you like. There’s no limit on frequency of use. There are specific rules about not combining discounts from some of the businesses, which are listed on the website.

Help! My dog ate my membership card!

Well, we do want to make sure that we make it easy for our businesses to consistently honor the promotions and identify our members. You can either show them the “Calatrava wings” tattoo you have*, or plan to present your current membership card. If you need to order a replacement card, please call the Membership Hotline at (414) 224-3284.

*Please note, if you do have a Calatrava tattoo, I am afraid I was just being cheeky. Please do reorder a membership card. But also, tell us if you have this tattoo because we definitely want to see a picture of it!

It’s been a while. Is my membership still active?

You can always give us a call at the Membership Hotline (414) 224-3284, available M-F 9 am–5 pm to have us double check for you, or shoot an email to and you’ll get a reply shortly if it’s during those same hours. You can also send a picture of your Museum tattoo to us at this address, or any pictures of yourself taking advantage of the Neighborhood Discount Program. Or, better yet, Instagram or tweet that to us! Assuming your image is Instagram appropriate… @milwaukeeart #neighborhooddiscountprogram

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Your membership matters. In lieu of being able to high-five each member personally, we try to show our appreciation in multiple ways, including the Neighborhood Discount Program. Your support is how the Museum continues to offer world-class artistic programming and fantastic events (not to mention, keep the lights on). We hope you’ll enjoy taking advantage of the small “thank you” perks available to you around the city.

Thank you for being supporters! Cheers!

Elisabeth Gasparka was Development Officer for Membership. She crafted Member communications, planned and oversaw Member events, and managed relationships with external partners, including through the Neighborhood Discount Program.

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