Thank You, Junior Docents

A thank you note from a 2009 Junior Docent.
A thank you note from a 2009 Junior Docent.

The Museum’s Junior Docents are 5th graders who spend three years studying the Museum’s Collection, then graduate from the program by doing a presentation on a single work of art. The program has been around since 1976, making it over thirty years old! (In fact, many of my friends here in the city, now in their mid-twenties, were Junior Docents when they were in fifth grade.) Every year around April and May, the Museum receives wonderful thank you notes from recent Junior Docent graduates. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites!


JDSP Thank you note

I have this thank you note hanging on the bulletin board in my office (see above “in situ” image). The declaration of this Junior Docent’s love of art and the fact that it’s written to me personally make me smile every day.


This student is thinking ahead and already planning her artistic career. I will not be at all surprised if her work is one day in our collection…


This student’s presentation was on The Two Majesties, by Jean-Léon Gérôme. You can learn more about this painting on our Collections page.

I have to admit: This last one might be the best thank you note I’ve ever received in my life. Read it (click on the image to zoom in) and you’ll understand why.

Chelsea Kelly, the School and Teacher Programs Manager, oversees school tours, special K-12 programming, and events for teachers at the Museum, and also creates resources for educators about the artworks in the Museum’s Collection.

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Hi Chelsea, can you outline what the jr. docents learn each year of participation.


Hi Jessica! Our educator for school and teacher programs, who works with the Junior Docent Program, will email you. Thanks for commenting!

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