European Design: Escape from the Gallery!

Kitchen in Madison, WI. Spotted: Ole Jensen's Washing Up Bowl. Photo courtesy Stella Rafaelidys.

Since I started working (almost two years ago!) on the exhibition European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century, I’ve been on a personal scavenger hunt. I want to gather as many of the featured designs “in the wild” as possible. Sure, these fabulous contemporary designs are easy to spot in museums or galleries, but my goal is to find them in hotel lobbies and friends’ apartments.

My collection so far:

SEA-TAC airport. Spotted: Jorge Pensi's Toledo chair.

The Lighthouse Glasgow (Scotland's Centre for Architecture, Design, and the City). Spotted: Ron Arad's Tom Vac Armchair

Friend's apartment, Milwaukee, WI. Spotted: Monika Mulder (for IKEA)'s Vallo Watering Can. Photo thanks to Brenda Neigbauer.

Karma Bar, Milwaukee, WI. Spotted: Jasper Morrison's Air Side Chair.

VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein, Germany. Spotted: Maarten Van Severen's No. 3 Side Chair

My Wisconsin apartment. Spotted: Tord Boontje's Ivy Panels twisted into a lamp shade.

Museum employee's home, Milwaukee, WI. Spotted: James Dyson Vacuum cleaner. Photo thanks to Mark Boyer.

Help me out! Do you see any of the designs on view in our European Design Since 1985 exhibition anywhere in Milwaukee? In Wisconsin? In the world?

Mel Buchanan is the Assistant Curator of 20th-century Design. Mel’s curatorial responsibility includes interpreting, displaying, and building the Museum’s collection of craft, design, and decorative objects.

About Mel Buchanan

Mae E. Demmer Assistant Curator of 20th c Design, Milwaukee Art Museum. Lover of museums, objects, and cilantro
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1 Response to European Design: Escape from the Gallery!

  1. Emily says:

    No design sightings to add (yet)–just wanted to say that I really like this idea! Can’t wait to see the show next time I’m in town.

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