Welcome to the official Milwaukee Art Museum staff blog.

This blog was created to share additional content about the Museum’s art collection, offer sneak peeks and unique perspectives on individual objects and art as a whole, and to offer a behind-the-scenes view into what goes on under the wings of the famous Calatrava-designed Quadracci Pavilion (not to mention within the War Memorial Building and Kahler additions, where the galleries and staff offices are located).

Thank you for visiting the blog, and please leave comments, ask questions, follow the Museum on Twitter and Facebook, and, most importantly, come visit, because even our photo-filled blog can’t do justice to the art and events you’ll find in person.

The Milwaukee Art Museum Mission

The Milwaukee Art Museum collects and preserves art, presenting it to the community as a vital source of inspiration and education.

The opinions presented here are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Milwaukee Art Museum.