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From the Collection–Caspar David Friedrich

Although the Milwaukee Art Museum has a fantastic collection of German art, one of the things I wish we had is a painting by Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840). Friedrich is one of the most important German artists from the Romantic … Continue reading

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From the Collection–Auguste Rodin’s The Kiss

There is no ignoring it: today is Valentine’s Day. There is also no ignoring the fact that love and lust have inspired terrific artwork. Perhaps the best artwork, if you are a romantic like me. I’m obviously not the first … Continue reading

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Packers, Steelers, and Impressionism

All of my friends and coworkers can attest to just how ridiculously excited I was after the Packers and the Steelers won the playoff games. Full confession, though–it’s not because I’m a football fan. Nah. It’s because I knew this … Continue reading

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Gothic Ivories Project

It’s always exciting to be contacted by colleagues at other museums about objects in the Museum’s permanent collection.  It helps us find out more information about what we have! In early 2010, I was contacted by Dr. Catherine Yvard, the … Continue reading

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From the Collection–Claude Mellan’s “The Sudarium”

So your family members (or out-of-town friends, or in-laws, take your pick!) are in town for the holidays, presents have been opened, feasts eaten, and now you need to entertain them. Naturally, you bring them to the Museum, knowing that … Continue reading

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