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Where in the World is….?

In honor of Spring Break, and spring travelers everywhere, let’s send a shout-out to some of our painted friends who have also hit the road lately.  The last time I checked, our artworks were not boozing it up on the … Continue reading

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the American Studio Glass Movement

The year 2012 is considered the 50th anniversary of the American Studio Glass movement. The anniversary is being celebrated with exhibitions and events across the country, organized in large part by the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. The Milwaukee Art … Continue reading

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From the Collection–Possum Trot

It’s back! After being off view for nearly ten years, the Museum’s popular Possum Trot is back!  And it’s kicking, spinning, and singing up a storm.  Not to mention riding a bike. Possum Trot was one of the most famous, … Continue reading

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From the Collection–John Henry Belter Sofa

I’m a Modernist. Give me George Nelson over the Herter Brothers any day. But all my normal predilections aside, I do love this sofa in the Museum’s collection. It is positively dripping with flowers and leaves and fruit, puffed up … Continue reading

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From the Collection–Severin Roesen’s “Still Life”

White grapes? Check. Red grapes? Check. Peeled lemon? Yep. Champagne? Yep. More flowers than a bouquet offered by an apologetic husband the day after he forgets an anniversary? Got those, too. A bird’s nest with three tiny eggs? Wait a … Continue reading

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